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Shaving Items

Shaving Items

We know how much you love yourself, so we bring to you everything you need. Be it cosmetics, Baby care, perfumes and fragrances, Hair care, Health Care, Oral Care, Skin Care and Hygiene needs.

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Axe Dark Temptation After Shave Lotion 50 ml

DescriptionAXE DARK TEMPTATION AFTER SHAVE LOTION 50 MLAxe lotion Aftershave lotions had rapidly gai..

Rs.120.00 Rs.115.00

Axe Denim After Shave Lotion 50 ml

DescriptionAXE SIGNATURE DENIM AFTER SHAVE LOTION 50 MLAxe After Shave Lotion - Denim provides a fee..

Rs.120.00 Rs.115.00

Dettol Lather Shaving Cream 78 gm

DescriptionDETTOL LATHER FRESH SHAVING CREAM 78 GMDettol saving cream is another excellent product u..

Rs.68.00 Rs.66.00

Gillette 7 O’Clock Permasharp Stainless Razor

DescriptionGILLETTE 7 O CLOCK PERMASHARP STAINLESSGillette 7 O Clock razor snap-lock action makes sh..


Gillette Foam Regular 196 gm

DescriptionGILLETTE FOAM REGULAR 196 GMGillette Regular Foam has an extra rich, creamy lather that s..

Rs.185.00 Rs.179.00

Gillette Guard Razor Complete 1

DescriptionGILLETTE GUARD RAZOR 1 PCSGillette Guard Razor Blades feature a single-blade system lined..


Gillette Series Shave Gel Sensitive Skin 60 gm

DescriptionGILLETTE SERIES SHAVE GEL 60 GMGillette Series Sensitive shave gel. Its 3X-Action formula..

Rs.85.00 Rs.83.00

Gillette Shaving Cream Lime 30 gm

DescriptionGILLETTE SHAVING CREAM LIME 30 GMShave creams are soft, gel-like lathering substances (us..


Gillette Shaving Cream Regular 30 gm

DescriptionGILLETTE SHAVING CREAM REGULAR 30 GMGillette Shaving cream or shaving foam is cream appli..


Gillette Vector 6 Cartridges

DescriptionGILLETTE VECTOR 6 CARTRIDGE PACKGillette Vector Razor Blades feature twin blades that sha..

Rs.150.00 Rs.145.00

Old Spice After Shave Lotion Musk 50 ml

DescriptionOLD SPICE AFTER SHAVE LOTION MUSK 50 ML:Old Spice After Shave is based on deep human know..

Rs.120.00 Rs.117.00

Old Spice Original Lather Shaving Cream 30 gm

DescriptionOLD SPICE ORIGINAL LATHER SHAVING CREAM 30 GMOld Spice lather shaving cream is one of a k..